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* Total cost includes fund expenses and Invisor fees. Learn more.

The average total Invisor cost is calculated based on the 0.5% Invisor management fee plus 0.2% average management expense ratio (MER) imbedded in the securities in the portfolio management. The various components of costs displayed above are estimates only. Actual costs may vary depending on the specific portfolio constructed. Fund MERs are based on information derived from the fund companies, which are subject to change at short notice. Average equity mutual funds cost in Canada is based on Morningstar's '2015 Global Fund Investor Experience Report'. The estimated total cost of investing with Invisor includes our management fee and product costs.

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"I know my savings are secure and being taken care of by a team of investment professionals with a lot of experience. The ongoing management of my portfolio by Invisor gives me the peace of mind I need."

Deval J.

“For the first time the cost of investing is completely transparent and I trust Invisor 100% to keep my best interests at hand. The right investments and the significant cost savings compounded over time will make a huge difference to me when I retire. I just feel really good about this.”

Noreen W.

"It’s great to know Invisor is truly working for me in my best interest. I like their approach, which gets me to focus on my goals. The service and transparency they provide is real value for money."

Bernard N.

Deval J.

Noreen W.

Bernard N.

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