Our most popular account types

Registered Retirement Savings Plan and Spousal RRSP

A RRSP is an investment account intended to help you save toward retirement. The main benefit of a RRSP is that you can forego paying tax today in lieu of paying it when you retire.




Tax Free Savings Accounts

TFSAs are registered, general-purpose savings accounts designed for Canadians aged 18 and older. They allow you to earn tax-free investment income, so you can meet your savings needs.

Registered Education Savings Plan

RESPs are a great way to save for your child's post-secondary education. Not only do savings grow tax-free, but the government will match up to 20% of your contributions up to a maximum of $500 per year.




Non-Registered Account

Unlike registered accounts, the growth of your savings in a non-registered account is taxable. These accounts are particularly useful if you want to reach a short term goal, or to complement long term savings when you've maximized your registered account contributions.

Registered Retirement Income Fund

A RRIF is an investment account designed primarily for drawing income from your retirement savings. You can set up a RRIF to withdraw scheduled payments from your investment account into your bank account, like a paycheck. The money withdrawn from a RRIF is taxable as income.




Locked-In Retirement Account

LIRAs are designed to protect your investments from provincial and federal pension plans. If you've changed your job and want to manage the retirement money with your previous employer, by yourself, or have it professionally managed, you can transfer your vested pension amount to this plan. Investments in your LIRA are intended to provide you with income in retirement.