How It works

Get started with your investment plan in 3 simple steps:

It starts by understanding a little more about where you are today. Have you started saving? How much have you saved? How do you feel about your current situation?


Then, through a fully guided online session, we ask you to tell us your goals.  What are you saving for?  How long before you will need your funds?  How would you like to see your funds grow, and how comfortable are you with the ebbs and flows of the financial markets?


Based on your answers, we will propose a plan, specifically designed for your particular situation.

Investment Plan
Based on what we learned about you, your goals, your preferences and your time horizon, we provide an investment plan recommending a combination of investments called an asset mix. If you agree with our recommendations and would like to invest, we open your account with Credential Securities Inc., your custodian, where your investments will be held in trust in your name.


Account Opening
Once your account is opened and your initial deposit is received, we invest those funds in the recommended diversified portfolio that uses best-in-class exchange traded funds and/or mutual funds to maximize the risk-adjusted rate of return and minimize your total cost of ownership.


Ongoing Savings
You may also decide to accelerate the rate of growth of your savings by making periodic deposits.  Automatic monthly contributions can be set up through your bank which help you invest regularly and establish the discipline that can help you achieve your goals earlier than you may think.

Tracking your Progress
You can chart your progress as frequently as you choose and have full access to your accounts by accessing your My Dashboard page at a secure online portal. Desktop, laptop, mobile device, or otherwise, you can feel safe knowing you are accessing your account in a fully secure manner. Your My Dashboard page will show you your portfolio holdings & value, performance over time and the total cost of maintaining your portfolio with us. You can also download your statements, including tax receipts, right from your My Dashboard page.


To view a sample statement, please click here.


When you access your accounts, you may be asked if anything has changed in your life that may affect your goals. Did you get married? Have a child? Get a raise?  These changes may affect how you feel about your investment plan and your existing portfolio. Invisor will discuss any required changes to your portfolio to ensure it is aligned with your current situation. If nothing has changed, you can be assured that we are keeping track of your investments, monitoring their progress towards the achievement of your goals, and rebalancing the portfolio when required to ensure that your portfolio remains in line with the established investment plan.

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