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The purpose of this calculator is to help you plan your savings and understand the long term benefit of minimizing your total costs of investing. It is neither intended to predict portfolio performance, nor is it a guarantee of future performance. Actual investor experience may differ from the results shown above.

The various components of costs displayed above are estimates only. Actual costs may vary depending on the specific portfolio constructed. Fund MERs are based on information derived from the fund companies, which are subject to change at short notice. Average equity mutual funds cost in Canada is based on Morningstar's '2015 Global Fund Investor Experience Report'. The estimated total cost of investing with Invisor includes our management fee and product costs.

The graph and amounts displayed are obtained using the parameters input and deducting the costs of investing from the total rate of return per year. Cumulative returns are calculated by compounding the results on an annual basis, including any annual contributions to savings, which are assumed to be added in equal monthly contributions over the course of each year.

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