Our Philosophy

The Invisor approach to investing

Prepare an investment plan aligned with your goals and preferences

We firmly believe that without a plan or a road-map, it is hard to attain any goals. We begin with understanding your needs and [...]and recommending an asset-mix (exposures to various categories of investments) aligned with your goals and preferences. These are clearly outlined and agreed with you at the outset in an investment plan.

Maximize your risk-adjusted returns while minimizing your total costs

We aim to produce above-average returns with below-average risk through a disciplined investment process and a client-centric [...]approach to portfolio management.  We realize you are looking for cost efficiency as well, and therefore provide you with an overall lower cost of maintaining your portfolio(s) with us. In selecting investment products for your portfolio our investment team seeks to maximize the risk-adjusted return for every unit of cost you would incur.

Minimize market risk through diversification

Through low cost mutual funds (available only to fee-based investment managers like Invisor) and/or exchange traded funds with strong [...]performance track record, we construct your portfolio in accordance with your investment plan seeking diversification across various geographies and market segments. We also take into consideration exposures to large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap companies, as well as the different investment styles (value, growth) employed by fund managers. For fixed income allocations, we select funds that diversify exposures across various types of issuers (government, provincial and corporate) holding high quality debt instruments.

Use passively and actively managed investment funds to maximize returns

We believe that a portfolio constructed with a combination of low-cost, passively and actively managed funds with strong performance [...]track record enhances long term value as it allows us to exploit market opportunities as they arise. Passive management provides effective exposure to specific markets with very low costs, while active management offers the opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns, although at a slightly higher cost than passive products.  Invisor does not pick individual stocks and bonds for their client portfolios as we believe that approach is not cost-effective to attain the level of diversification our clients need. Being an independent firm, we are able to choose well-diversified, cost-effective funds that align with your goals and preferences, without any biases.

Manage your investment plan with a high level of discipline

The “rudder” in our philosophy is our long-term strategy. Implementation, continuous monitoring, and adjusting when required [...]are integral parts of the portfolio management process. We believe in maintaining the strategic asset allocation outlined in your investment plan and rebalancing portfolio holdings if, and when, an asset class deviates outside of an established tolerance range. This discipline takes the emotion away from investing and sets you up on the path towards meeting your goals.

Provide ongoing updates

We believe ongoing communication and a review of portfolio performance & any changes to your personal situation are key factors in making sure you remain on track [...]to attaining your financial goals. We provide you with ongoing updates on your portfolio with full, 24/7 online access, and an opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns you may have with our investment professionals.

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