Why Invisor?

Here’s why you should choose Invisor as your online investment advisor

Founded by experienced financial professionals

When it comes to investing personal hard-earned savings through an investment professional, the questions that always [...] come up are: Can we trust the firm and its people? How credible are they?

Invisor was founded by financial professionals who each have over 20 years of industry experience working for large financial institutions in Canada and abroad. They have relinquished senior positions in their organizations seeking to bring change to an industry largely dominated by traditional practices, to improve client experience and reduce costs.

Goal-based portfolio management service

Saving for a home? Thinking about retirement? Saving for your children’s education? Or perhaps just saving for a rainy day? [...]We begin the investment process by understanding your specific investment goals – when you will need your money, and how much you will need.

After developing your profile, we are able to understand your risk tolerance. We then recommend a portfolio that aligns with your goals, personal situation and your investment preferences.

We seek to maximize your portfolio's risk-adjusted return over time, which will help you succeed in achieving your financial goals.

Independent, unbiased security selection

We select low cost mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds with a strong performance track record that best suit [...] your investment goals, taking into account our ongoing views on the market and the total cost of maintaining your portfolio.

Our investment product selection is free of any conflicts of interest as we neither receive any compensation from fund companies, nor do we have any ownership or economic interest in any of the fund companies whose products we select for your portfolio.

Minimize costs, with no hidden fees

When choosing the investments to include in your portfolio, we not only seek to maximize your risk-adjusted return, but also seek to minimize the total costs you would incur [...]in maintaining your portfolio, including fund expenses (charged to the fund by fund managers), trading commissions and our management fees. This means your portfolio value will grow to its maximum potential over your investment horizon and you will be better positioned to meet your goals. All management fees and trading commissions are fully disclosed to you online and itemized on every statement you receive. You always know exactly what you are paying for our comprehensive service.

No minimum investment required

Unlike many other investment advisors and wealth managers, we have no minimum investment thresholds. We welcome you to get started with any amount that fits [...]your current situation and the goals you are trying to accomplish. We are committed to providing the same level of high quality service irrespective of the amount you choose to invest with us.

Your savings are secure

Your assets will be held safely under custody with Credential Securities Inc., one of Canada’s largest providers of trust and custodial services regulated by the [...]Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.  Invisor only has access to place trades in your account under discretionary investment management authority from you. We do not have the ability to move money or securities into or out of your account without your specific instructions. You will receive statements of your account directly from Invisor and your custodian, which detail your investment holdings, costs, and any transactions that have occurred since your last statement. These statements are provided in addition to the regular portfolio views you will have access to at any time online, or on the mobile device of your choice.

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